What does the parameter "net_score" represent?

“net_score” = “score” x “confidence” 

The “score” represents the similarity between the new typing pattern and the ones that are already saved. 

The “confidence” represents the reliability of the VERIFY call, depending on the length of the typed text, the number of previous enrollments, the consistency in devices and typing positions, and other factors.

The value “net_score” therefore represents the overall numeric value of the typing biometrics authentication result.

The “result” parameter is calculated by comparing the “net_score” of a VERIFY call to the “net_score” threshold for successful authentication. You can manually change this on your Dashboard under API Settings.

If the “net_score” is higher or equal to the threshold, the “result” will be 1. Otherwise, the “result” will be 0. The “result” is used for deciding whether the user is authenticated or not.